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rome ga, 3/29/03

man, oh man.

we were supposed to play at 7pm.

we show up in rome, and it's cold. plus, the show is outside.
we go on at 10pm and it's raining and we do okay but not great.
no one notices, as usual. they dig it.
the laptop worked out so much better than the discman.
it was worth the frozen fingers.
a drama party production was rad.

that's about it. keenan from adpp did a bootleg recording that we may make available soon. also, we may be recording some songs for free distribution soon.

keep your ears open.

next show this saturday in athens!
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I'll be at the show!
If I don't lose my arms and legs in some bizarre croquet accident.

The recording turned out rather well.
There was a lot of talking during "I Am Your Idea",
but besides that, magic.
Brad says he can rip the songs from the tape.
I'll make you guys a copy on tape which I can give to you Saturday.
That is, if I don't burn a hole in it from constant listening.
You know how I do.

Missed you at HHH.
Minus the Bear Thursday.

Your #1 fan (pishaw!),
we didn't go to hhh, too far too much money not enough desire to go. better chances of seeing sam on thursday, i have tlikeb practice though. we'll see...
be glad you didn't was a rather large let down...i.e

"this is one of the first songs we ever wrote" -lead singer
"it's about damn time they are going to play something off scenes 1-13" -me thinking
"it's called 'Le Le Low'" -lead singer
"Dammit" -me