shelluke (todzy11) wrote in il_y_a_deux,

chi-house, athens ga, 04.06.03

wow! best show yet.
so many people, so much clapping, so much rock, so much happy.

how many of you were there? 150? maybe.

we kicked ass.

cinemechanica kicked major ass.

iwouldsetmyselfonfireforyou kicked more major ass.

coulier trashed the place.

you'll just have to watch the video some time.

we're planning on recording soon, and our mailing list is up now.
we are the rock and roll couple that loves you.

keep clapping.

keenan burton rules.

love and chum,
luke and sam.
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checked out this week's flagpole yet? I'm not sure how "shark" became "volcano," but whatever...
ha. yeah, we wrote gordon about that...
i think he was thinking "joe versus the volcano."
i do not look much like tom hanks.
SAM AND TODZY: if you havent already talked to Reading... then dont. the show is full.
MAY 24th
robbers nj art rock RIYL joan of arc (c. "live in chicago, 1999")
fall on deaf years pa screamo RIYL the assistant, iwouldetc (hehe)
we versus the shark hey, we're clay!
something personal like handwriting typewriter rock
coulier by request of craig in FODY
Locals looking for you Go Here